Who am I?

Hello. My names Adam Greathead and i am a 23 year old gardener from Stourbridge in the West Midlands. I live here at 'Duck Pools' so named as we are fans and live amongst ducks (amongst other things). I live with my family and our little b order terrier Monty. All things plant-related fall to me as head Gardener.For about 10 years i have also tended two allotments (named vegetable garden from now on).
Beingpart of our localgardeningguildfor several years i am now vegetable judgefor our meetings and speakers secretary. I am also Secretary to NVS West Mids D.A.
I have written gardening articles for several publications and currently write for 'Simply Veg' magazine (available from NVS).

Friday, 21 February 2014


After much deliberation I am transferring this blog to the following location (please click):
Growing to Show

Rest assured this is the same person from the same place and the reason for moving is the fact it is very difficult finding the time to run two blogs now my other commitments have grown. Please stick with me guys and follow.
All the best
Adam x

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